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Portable air conditioner


Portable air conditioner KLC12000 COLUMBIA VAC


The KLC12000 air conditioner is designed to improve thermal comfort in residential areas. With its help, the air can be cooled or dried.

It also works as a standard fan.


the air conditioner does not require specialized installation - it is enough to install the heat removal pipe in the device and lead it outside, e.g. through a window,

built-in wheels make carrying easier,

individual functions and operating modes are set on an intuitive control panel, and all changes to the settings are signaled by a sound,

a remote control is used for remote control, you can also use a smartphone with Android / iOS and the application installed,

you can choose from four modes of operation (automatic, night, delayed start and timer) and two ventilation speeds,

the cold air flow can be controlled using louvers mounted in the front of the housing,

the device remembers the last temperature and speed settings of the fan, it is also possible to change the temperature units between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


energy class: A

perfect solution for residential and office rooms

convenient wireless remote control and through the application

control panel with display

temperature range: 16 - 31 degrees C

clock programmer: 1-24h

3 functions of the device: cooling, drying, blowing

4 modes of operation of the device: automatic operation, night mode, delayed start, timer

3 fan speeds

no assembly required

equipped with wheels for easy movement and storage of the device when not in use

heat dissipation pipe - maximum length 1.5m

window strip enabling the evacuation of warm air

wireless remote control - 2xAAA batteries (not included)

high efficiency and energy saving

cooling capacity: 3.5kW (12000 BTU)

air flow: 400 m3 / h

dehumidification performance: 28l / day

coolant: R290 / 230g

power consumption: 1357 W

volume: 65dB (A)

Recommended room area: up to 30 m2

EAN: 5908277385729