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Central Vacuum Systems COLUMBIAVAC

Welcome to the world of Central Vacuum Systems - the best class of cleaning appliances. We say “goodbye” to the old-fashioned sweepers. There is no need to lug heavy vacuum cleaners with you.

The central vacuum changes the approach to everyday cleaning. It is easy to operate and versatile. The central vacuum is quiet and dust free. It improves the process of vacuuming while helping to keep the environment cleaner and healthier. Before using the central vacuum system, read this manual thoroughly. Learning how to operate the system properly will allow for a long-term trouble-free work with the vacuuming system.

The central vacuum system is up to five times more efficient than traditional vacuum cleaners. Our system collects virtually 100% of dusts, mites and pollens, as well as other allergens from the floors, furniture and other surfaces and supplies the collected material to the unit, which is usually located in the utility room, while preserving the high quality of air in the living areas.

The Central Vacuum System is composed of: a central power unit, a system of pipes, valves and fittings.